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GA1484 is a high end signal generator designed and manufactured to create high frequency and stable signals capable of testing your very best devices and designs. It offers industry-leading performance, features and low cost of ownership.
GA1484 generate the essential signals for parametric and functional testing of components and receivers. Frequency ranges extend from 250 kHz up to 4 GHz.
The performance of the signal generator is called the benchmark of similar products in the market and they can meet your demands for design and manufacturing. An ideal instrument from the educational labs to high-end R&D labs.



  Range 250kHz ~ 4.0GHz    
  Resolution 0.1 Hz    
Internal Reference Oscillator
    GA1484A GA1484B  
  Stability < ±1ppm < ±0.1ppm Temp. from 0 to 45°C
  Aging < ±1ppm/year < ±0.1ppm/year  
Time base Reference Output
  Frequency 10MHz    
  Amplitude >0.35Vrms    
  Connector BNC female, 50Ω    
EXT Reference Input
  Frequency 10 MHz    
  Amplitude 0.5 ~ 2Vrms    
  Connector BNC female,50Ω    
RF Output
  Power Range -127 ~ +13dBm    
  Resolution 0.01 dB    
  Accuracy < ±1 dB   -120dBm ≤power≤+13dBm, Temp. From 20°C to 30°C, ALC ON
  VSWR <1.8   power< 0dBm, typical value
  Connector N type female, 50Ω   nominal value
Spectral Purity
    GA1484A GA1484B  
  SSB Phase Noise < -95dBc/Hz < -115dBc/Hz Typical value: Carrier Frequency 1GHz; Offset 20 kHz
  Residual FM(ON CW) < 30 Hz peak < 10 Hz peak CW, Carrier frequency 1GHz;
Bandwidth from 0.3 to 3 kHz
  Harmonics < -30dBc    
  Non-harmonics < -50dBc    


Amplitude Modulation
  Temp. Range 0 to 100%   Temp. From 0 to 45°C
  Resolution 0.1%    
  Rate 20 Hz to 20 kHz    
  Accuracy < (set 5%+0.2%)   1 kHz modulation rate,
Output: 0dBm,
60% modulation depth (only GA1484A) / 80%modulation depth (only GA1484B)
  Distortion <2%   1 kHz modulation rate,
Output: 0dBm,
60% modulation depth (only GA1484A) / 80%modulation depth (only GA1484B)
Frequency Modulation
    GA1484A GA1484B  
  Frequency Offset Range 20 Hz to 100 kHz    
  Resolution < 1%   min1 Hz
  Frequency Modulation 20 Hz to 80 kHz    
  Accuracy < (set 5%+0.2%)   1kHz modulation rate
  Distortion < 1% < 0.1% 1kHz modulation rate
50 kHz offset
  Frequency Offset Accuracy < (Set 5%+200 Hz)   1kHz frequency rate,
50 kHz offset
  Carrier Frequency offset < 200 Hz   Reference to carrier frequency, external model
Phase Modulation
    GA1484A GA1484B  
  Phase offset range 0 ~ 10rad   Modulation rate < 10 kHz
  0 ~ 5rad   Modulation between 10 kHz and 20 kHz
  Resolution < 1%    
  Modulation Frequency 300 Hz to 20 kHz    
  Accuracy < set 5%+ 0.2rad )   1 kHz modulation rate
  Distortion < 1.5% < 0.1% 1 kHz modulation rate,
5rad offset


Pulse Modulation
    GA1484A GA1484B  
  On/off ratio > 60 dB > 80 dB  
  Rise /fall time < 60ns < 50ns  
  Pulse width 400ns to 1 s    
  Pulse cycle 1us to 2 s    
  Time resolution 100ns    

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